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Linda Trinh

Linda Trinh, PhD

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education, University of Toronto






My research agenda is focused in the development of evidence-based and theoretically-driven physical activity and sedentary behavior interventions for cancer control and survivorship. My main research interests include examining: a) the effects of physical activity in cancer survivors on symptom management (e.g., quality of life, fatigue, cognitive function) and health-related fitness outcomes (e.g., cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular strength/endurance, physical function); b) behavior change interventions for increasing physical activity and reducing sedentary behavior in cancer survivors; and c) profiling physical activity levels, patterns, and determinants in cancer survivors. My secondary line of research is a focus on sedentary behaviour and establishing how these patterns (i.e., volume; bout length; breaks in sitting time) are related to physical and psychosocial health outcomes.

Academic and Research Interests

  • Exercise and Cancer Survivorship
  • Behaviour Change



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