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Amanda Drury

Amanda Drury

Research Fellow, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Trinity College Dublin

Executive Board Member European Oncology Nursing Society





Amanda Drury is a Research Fellow in the School of Nursing and Midwifery, Trinity College Dublin. She is a registered general nurse, with clinical experience in radiation and medical oncology settings. Amanda holds a PhD in Nursing, an MSc in Cancer Care, a BSc (Hons) in General Nursing. She completed her PhD in Trinity College Dublin in 2018, where she was awarded the Health Research Board Research Training Fellowship for Healthcare Professionals. Amanda is experienced in quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods research, and is currently involved in the design and conduct of several research projects in the areas of cancer care, palliative care and chronic illness.

Academic and Research Interests

  • Cancer Survivorship
  • Quality of Life
  • Healthcare Deliver
  • Continuity of Care


  • Drury, A., Payne, S. & Brady, A.M. (2019) Associations Between Quality of Life Outcomes and Healthcare-Related Variables Among Colorectal Cancer Survivors: A Cross-Sectional Survey Study. International Journal of Nursing Studies. (Accepted for Publication). DOI:

  • Drury, A., Payne, S. & Brady, A.M. (2017) Cancer Survivorship: Advancing the Concept in the Context of Colorectal Cancer. European Journal of Oncology Nursing 29, 135-147. DOI:

  • Drury, A., Payne, S. & Brady, A.M. (2017) The Cost of Survival: An Exploration of Colorectal Cancer Survivors’ Experiences of Pain. Acta Oncologica 56(2), 205-211. DOI:

  • McCloskey S., Drury, A., Brubakk, K., Glarcher, M., LeBlanc, J. & Ambrosio Gutierrez, L. (2016) Right to Reply against the Motion. In Perspectives: European Academy of Nursing Science Debate (Taylor, J., Olsen, P.R. & The European Academy of Nursing Science Cohort 2014, eds), Journal of Research in Nursing 21(2), 143-151. DOI:

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